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The nonfiction category is filled with broad topics, such as DIY, New Age, History, Encyclopedias, Bestiaries, Manuals, Biographies, etc. The books enclosed within these pages are for those that seek to delve deeper into the human mind. Whether you seek a manual, or a do it yourself guide, or some basic tips on candle making- this is the section for you.

Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places

The following passages are extracted from the book ‘ Ghostland: An American History In Haunted Places‘ for the sole purpose of personal remembrance and should in no way be taken as a full replacement/replication of the book.

(Chapter 1: The Secret Staircase)

“Salem has long embodied a contradiction in the bedrock of American consciousness: upright piety mixed with hypocrisy, sober religion mixed with violent hysteria.” Read more